Full Kevlar®

DuPont Lining Stuff

Find out more about our durable motorcycle shirts. Our clothing is lined with original Kevlar® Dupont

We would like to provide you with the safest motorcycle shirts ever to feel safe. But if there is no need to – don’t test it on asphalt. Respect your shirts. And your elbows.

DuPont and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.


I. About the Company.

Seller and manufacturer of goods:
SOON MOTO sp. z o.o. (limited liability company)
ul. Wojewódzka 27/4
40-026 Katowice
The Company has been entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register by the District Court Katowice-Wschód in Katowice, registration number KRS 0000703967
NIP (Tax Identification Number) 9542784474
Phone number: +48 57 08 20 820
Please, address all your questions and suggestions concerning our offer to:

II. Online shop.

  1. We sell goods under the SOON or SOON MOTOWEAR brand.
  2. The goods and logo used are our original and proprietary products and project.
  3. We sell our goods on the website/in an online shop available at: www.soon-moto.com and soonmotowear.com

III. Conclusion of contract, payment and shipment.

  1. Sell of a product is completed upon:
    • providing the details of address necessary to issue a bill and the details of shipping address,
    • paying the selling price in accordance with the payment method specified on the internet website and upon crediting our bank account with the selling price,
    • accepting these terms and conditions,
    • granting the consent for personal data to be processed solely for the purpose of the execution of an order.

In this case, it is necessary to fulfill all the above specified requirements.

  1. The contract of sale shall not be concluded if our bank account failed to be credited with the selling price due to the reasons attributable to the Buyer, including without limitation in the result of insufficient funds available in the Buyer’s bank account or the incomplete payment transaction due to the Buyer’s fault.
  2. Upon buying a product, you will receive the confirmation of contract conclusion, which will be sent to the email address provided.
  3. Payment is processed by the external payment service provider, i.e. PAYPAL.
  4. The Company shall not bear the costs of translation of the foreign currency into the currency used for the sale of our products (in case such a translation occurs due to certain reasons).
  5. All prices are provided in euro (EUR) or American dollar (USD).
  6. Prices are all-inclusive, which means they include VAT at the currently valid rate.
  7. Goods remain our property, until the selling price is paid.
  8. The cost shall be always specified on buying a product in a clear and unambiguous way.
  9. Purchased goods are usually dispatched twice a week.
  10. In exceptional circumstances, which shall especially include situations beyond our control, we may dispatch the goods within 14 working days of the product purchase date.
  11. Delivery time varies depending on your address or the delivery option and carrier you chose. In case we are aware of the probable prolonged delivery time, we shall inform you as soon as possible.

IV. Renunciation of a contract.

  1. You have 14 days to renounce the contract without stating the reason, starting from the day of receiving the goods you purchased. It is only necessary for you to send us by post the information about contract renunciation within the said 14 days. The time limit of 14 days shall run from the day on which the Buyer or a third party specified by the purchaser, other than the carrier, comes into possession of a product.
  2. With reference to the declaration of contract renunciation, we recommend to include the details necessary for the reimbursement of paid amounts to be made, i.e. especially the details of the bank account and bank account holder, which will speed up the process of reimbursement. In the event you fail to provide these details, the monies paid for the purchased product shall be reimbursed in the same manner as they were advanced to us in the result of product purchase.
  3. In order to speed up the process of reimbursement of the monies paid and to verify it, it is best if you enclose the receipt which was provided on purchasing a product (a bill or a VAT invoice).
  4. Please, send the goods you would like to return together with the renunciation of a contract. If you wish to do it later, please remember you have 14 more days of renouncing the contract to send the goods back. However, on that occasion you should cease to further use the goods.
  5. The goods should not demonstrate any traces of use. Please, bear in mind that you are liable for wear of goods or impairment of their value, if you had used the goods in a way exceeding normal use i.e. the way of using goods which allows to identify and evaluate their type and characteristics. In the event goods have been damaged, we have a right to charge the costs of the incurred damage to you, even in full.
  6. The monies paid for the purchased product are reimbursed within 14 days of collecting delivery of goods you purchased by us.
    We shall not incur the costs of sending back the goods you purchased to us.
    We have a huge favor to ask you. If you are able to identify any damage of the parcel or its containment on collecting the delivery, as far as it is possible, please execute the shipping damage report.
    This will make it easier for us to find out who is responsible for the damage.
  7. Notwithstanding the provisions contained hereinabove, we grant the product guarantee which is valid for a period of 2 years of the date of a product collection by the Client.
  8. We shall repair or replace a product under the guarantee provided it has been used in accordance with the instruction manual and, including without limitation, under the condition that the Seller verifies whether the maintenance conditions were observed.
  9. In case you wish to benefit from the guarantee, please contact us via the contact form. We will explain further proceedings to you.

V. Defective goods.

If you had received defective goods, please contact our customer service by filling in the contact form available on our website, or send an email to: contact@soonmotowear.com, as soon as you identify the defect. We will do our best to make you feel satisfied, which shall include the replacement of goods of reimbursement of monies, if possible. Complaints are investigated promptly and in no case later than within 14 days of their receipt by the Seller.

VI. Registering for Online Shop (if it is possible).

  1. Registration of the account (signing up) in the online shop is voluntary.
  2. In order to register, you are required to fill in a proper electronic form on your device. For that purpose, it is necessary to provide the following details:
    a. Name and last name,
    b. address of residence,
    b. electronic mail address (e-mail),
    c. telephone number,
    d. password to the account,
    e. accepting these terms and conditions, as worded herein, the general considerations and the privacy policy,
    f. granting consent for personal data processing for the purpose of contract performance and sales process management.
  3. Upon signing up, you will be also required to confirm the Registration by clicking a proper link to a page, which will be sent to you after registration of an account to the e-mail address provided on such registration.

VII . Personal data.

  1. Our Privacy Policy provides for your rights and duties, as well as the rules governing data processing. Please, read the document.
  2. We use SSL certificates for the purpose of the execution of sale transactions.
  3. We process personal data obtained in the result of placing an order, as well as personal data provided on account registration, solely for the purpose of the completion of sale transactions (contract performance), which includes, but is not limited to, for the purpose of issuing a bill or a VAT invoice.
  4. You provide the data voluntarily, however personal data is necessary for sale transactions to be completed or for an account to be registered.
  5. On purchasing a product or signing up, you give your consent for your personal data to be processed for the purpose of sale transaction completion by crossing a checkbox with ‘X’ sign.
  6. Granting your consent on registering an account shall not release you from the duty to grant another consent for your personal data to be processed, upon purchasing particular goods.

VIII. Payment methods.

We use the following payment methods:

  • PayPal:
  • Credit card:

IX. Applicable law.

We aim to address any issues which concern our products quickly and amicably.
On purchasing the goods, you accept the fact that a transaction and disputes arising in connection with such a transaction shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the provisions of Polish law. However, if the domestic law on consumer protection, which is in force and effect in the place of your residence within the territory of the European Union, proves to be more beneficial for you, we shall apply the law of the European Union in such cases.