Full Kevlar®

DuPont Lining Stuff

Find out more about our durable motorcycle shirts. Our clothing is lined with original Kevlar® Dupont

We would like to provide you with the safest motorcycle shirts ever to feel safe. But if there is no need to – don’t test it on asphalt. Respect your shirts. And your elbows.

DuPont and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

General notes and Warnings

Please, read general notes and all these terms and conditions before you purchase any product.
If you have any doubts, please contact us.
We make our best efforts to make sure that your questions are answered effectively and without any delay.

We exercise the utmost care to provide clothing of the highest quality.
The manufacturing process is under constant supervision, while the quality of supplied materials is being monitored all the time.

However, in the event any defect/s of a product is identified,
we guarantee the free-of-charge product replacement or reimbursement of costs.

Our products are lined exclusively with original Kevlar ® DuPont™.
This material complies with the norms of our suppliers. We will pass on the details, upon your request.
Still, please bear in mind that in case of an accident, Kevlar ® DuPont ™ is not resistant to impact.
Also, this material has limited abrasion resistance and may not serve to substitute certified protectors or
additional protective clothing and accessories, which must be worn in the event a fall or collision occurs.

As manufacturers, and bikers at the same time,
we want you to feel safer riding in our clothes,
but still – you need to remember that common sense, responsibility for your own actions and
imagination are irreplaceable.

Riding a motorbike can be dangerous.
On many occasions, irrespective of the clothing
you are wearing, the clothes may not protect you
against the asphalt, any other type of ground
or a vehicle and in consequence, your clothing
may not protect you against the risk of injury or death.

That is why we strongly encourage you to wear additional protective
motorbike clothing together with our products, if you wish to be provided
with better protection and security. Such clothing should meet certain
standards specified by the law and it should include certified protectors.

Our recommendation for you is to: avoid asphalt, protect your elbows and ride safe.

Upon purchasing our products, you accept the fact that we are
not going to assume responsibility for any consequences of
personal accidents, regardless of the fact whether such
accidents occurred by fault of a biker or other road user.

It is crucial to remember that provisions of law in certain
countries may impose an obligation on a biker to use
additional protection when riding a motorbike, which
may especially include wearing additional clothes.
Please, follow these rules and provisions of law.