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DuPont Lining Stuff

Find out more about our durable motorcycle shirts. Our clothing is lined with original Kevlar® Dupont

We would like to provide you with the safest motorcycle shirts ever to feel safe. But if there is no need to – don’t test it on asphalt. Respect your shirts. And your elbows.

DuPont and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

About us

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Working on our motorcycle clothing and shirts made it possible for us to combine riding passion with sewing zeal. We aim at providing products of the highest quality which are worked out in the finest detail.

Some of us are riders. Necessity is the mother of invention. Simply, we failed to find some stylish apparel that would be an ideal combination of motorbike spirit and design. And Something that would suit especially the needs of people who may not always like to be dressed in a leather armor from head to toe. Yes, we know – this is the safest solution, but let he who doesn’t sometimes feel like getting rid of it cast the first stone.

At the beginning of our journey everything seemed to be easy. We thought it would be enough to simply join 3 types of fabrics. The only thing to do was to buy Kevlar®, then the main fabric and the lining. And discovering the market, working on the construction that would be comfortable  both during a ride and everyday use, laborious fabric testing, searching for the Kevlar®, shell and lining fabric of proper quality – all of these made us work on the project for over a year. So we hope that our motorycle shirts will meet the expectations of each and every biker.

We also hope that we succeeded in our work and wish that you give us a chance and a swift kick in the ass that will motivate us to further work and development. Check out our Kevlar ® shirts here.

We are about to start working on next projects. They will be available soon.